People, This Is​.​.​. The Almighty Get Down

by The Almighty Get Down

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Josh Fournier
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Josh Fournier This track stood out like a sore thumb for me...the Intro will be embedded in my head forever. Favorite track: Bullet.
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released March 13, 2015

Cover art by our friend William Haders

We’d like to thank Shelley Morren, Charlie Retzler, Justin Newton, Jonathan Lancaster, Greg Hurd, Peter Parker, Alan Bothe, James Marshall Hendrix, Ryan Mitchell, James Cooney, Atshitshi, Kevin Cooper, Moushka, Sylvester Stewart, Joyce Violet Morren, Uncle Sonny, Bruce Lee, Hugh Morren, Willy Morren, Tom Eliopulos, Brian MOUNTAIN, Jeff Demaree, Jon Lattier, Brad Grawe, Mac Clenney, Double Dragon restaurant, P. Rogers Nelson, Alice B. Toklas, Mirda Shah, your parents, Blue Sky Blonde, Ernie Ball, insecurities, the music scene of the city of Cincinnati

“Bless your entire souls”



all rights reserved


The Almighty Get Down Cincinnati, Ohio

This album was the beginning of a dream by Willy Morren to honor the influences that helped him be a composer and to add to the human collective of soul, funk, and rock. He was helped by:

James Cooney - Bass
Tom Eliopulos - Keys
Alan Bothe - Trumpet
Ryan Mitchell - Drums
Jonathan Lancaster - Sax

The next album will be announced at our Facebook page
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Track Name: Hell Today
Hell is gone
That is to say it's been here all along
But I'm through fooling with the bible bound
What's the point in keeping two around
Might is right
Ain't never kept no one from starting fights
Hey man, I can't see the TV
The god of love loves money
I'm sorry

And in our top story tonight
You can see the people concentrate
Upon when their long gone away
Losing all track of how to love
How to hate
Instead of doing they just pray it away
And never congregate
And in related news
You can see the multitude of fools
Naming the dirt under their shoes
And letting in who they pick and who they choose
Who gets help and who gets to lose out
While they guard the food
Roll it up in a dollar bill
And that's hell today

Living down
Here in the mulch where we are muffled out
Where the federal residue's a leaking spout
Leaving lipstick around baby's mouths
Now they're grown
Your local news will show you where they roam
And oh how they laugh when you got no one home
They will see what they want to own
Don't wait around
It's coming soon
Don't have to look at your watch just to see that you got
What everyone's trying to lose
Stand in the rain with a sign you made
And they will shut you down two by two
While formulating a plot to get their grade one shot
And now everyone should see what I mean


So we give up
What do you see
What could you want
What do you believe
And how can you sleep
While your next of skin
Lay in the street
While you dig in
Oh we must begin
Track Name: Holding Down
Now you've been fearful of fashion
And broke like the joke
Smitten with rations
But nothing changes
Nothing changes until it breaks
If there are seeds enough to sow then why are there still empty bowls?

If there's enough to go around
Then ask yourself why you're barely holding down

You've been tucked and folded
But so very weary of that which is on the next shelf
The perfect soldier
But there ain't no strangers
Ain't no strangers sent to graves
You know how we wheel and deal you saw it on the reel to reel

If there's enough to go around
Then ask yourself why you're barely holding down
You know there's enough
Because you've been throwing it away
If there’s enough, why why why
There are two insides to every cage
Only a slave would keep a slave
Track Name: Bullet
Sometimes you’re just like a bullet that’s been shot
And doesn’t care where it ends
Victim’s and friends, one begins where one ends
To a bullet

We wait in the back room, my bullet and me soon
To go our own separate ways
The doctor is worried ‘cause she’s in a hurry
She’s got 7 more left to go today, uh huh

The dream they had of their money
Turned you into a nightmare
You could have been most anything
Except a bullet against your will
But I love you still

Don’t cry poor me poor you
It’s alright now

This song’s all about how we’re all of us victims
From the bullet to the trigger to the hand
To the warrior’s mind
Look inside you’ll find
There ain’t no difference between a bullet
And the ones they leave behind

Beside me on a cloth you’ve been laid
The doctor is someone we trust
But she could only save one of us
And only bullets are left to rust
Track Name: Outlaw
Been riding this here trail of longer days
Since the moon and sun witnessed my get away
Well a pearl of note for you to while
Over some decrees there are no trials
And I see your devil crack a smile

Outlaw, they call me and outlaw
But you know I only did what I had to do
Outlaw, oh you know they had it coming
Shouldn’t have done messed with what our momma grew

Low I slipped from ship to town
They shot my horse in ‘frisco and I swore a bloody vow
But for a tit for a tat they have popped their caps
Until some mother’s daughters and sons won’t write back
And they buried all the cash where the whip won’t crack

It’s a fool’s prize that will trick the rat’s to race
From the moment we were born we have all been the same slave
Oh I drag ya I drag ya (you drag me you drag me)
Oh you drag me you drag me (I drag ya I drag ya)
Now we drag out our dragons (drag out our dragons)
Oh but they already had us (but we ain’t got no traction)
Thinking the other one’s a bad one (but they already had us)
Well a flower in dirt for the few I’ve hurt
But they would play a game
So they will take their turn
Rolling bones where the mountain lifts her skirt
Track Name: She's A Witch
The notes you left when you were a different man
Contrast the news that I had lost a friend
All good sailors know what’s on the traveling wind
She is a witch
And she will tie your feet to your wings
She is, she is, she is a witch
That she is

And she says:
“Lonely so lonely, not so boldly being the only
See me blow thee down balony,
Slowly stoning your folding control of the eroding cacophony”
Oh so stewed are you, and consumed to be consoling
Until you’ve grown bony
And we all watch your host scream
While she drags you ‘round like groceries
She is a witch
And she is boasting about ghosties
She is, she is, she is a witch
That she is

All good sailors know
How to go without

Oh yes she’s so fine,
Oh yes she’s all mine
Oh yes she’s so fine
Oh yes yes, she moves me she moves me

You never had a chance, it blows my mind
And now you’re lost to all who’d care to cry
I tried so hard ,you know I really tried
Track Name: Rained
Above this town there used to be a rainbow
And on his fact the town folk would agree
Even the food on the table would taste better
Just knowing it was out there
Even on the nights they couldn’t see
And on this fact the town folk would agree

Now the mayor of this town he was a strong man
His complete faith in the town folk in his charge
But even he believed it was the rainbow that helped them prosper
Even on the nights the couldn’t see
And on this fact the town folk would agree

Just then the fool did something behind his own back
Not intending to cause harm,
But no understanding of how to turn back
Like a runaway freight train lost in it’s own clickety clack
He blew away the smoke and in the mirrors he put a crack
Snipped the strings
And the rainbow toppled onto it’s back

The next days were very quiet ones indeed
The whole town folk picking up broken rainbow at their feet
Track Name: Public Transportation
If you want to know
What makes us go
Well look no further than the show
'Cause we want to blow we want to blow so…

A starving mind's like a child in your heart
Living large was enough but now we got no real part
Leaving us no way out, no way in
Just hanging out, running in place, chasing tin

But I've got something else on my mind
Something that will help me spend all my good times
And I see what I want to find in your heart

If we could fall in love
Over and over and over again

Oh running round We got all the time on roller skates
Who'll get out and push when it's clear salvation won't be the way?
But if you wanna try
If you would like to try, I will try with you

So, face to face at last but still a million miles away
Did you ever notice how we wince at someone else's pain?
Make someone grateful and in turn you become someone great
If you wanna try

Then we could fall in love
Over and over and over again
Track Name: Weedbush
It’s just a weed bush
And that’s all it is

I’m gonna grow up soon
I’m gonna go to school
Where you trade it in
For what is left of the golden rule
Soon I’ll fit a bigger bin
And learn to march with a zombie’s grin
Oh oh oh dragging your brain
Straight along with the grain
Of the coffin wood th keeps you sane

It’s just a weed bush and that’s all it is

I’m going to liberate
Me and my mates
To a better place
Where they won’t have to have some hate straight in their face
Oh don’t stone us down in the traitor’s gate
It don’t matter where you were born
If you allow suffering at all
By your own hand or as you stall
Then to me you are
An expatriate

It’s just a weed bush and that’s all it is
I’m telling all you knuckleheads that’s really all it really is
Track Name: JYS
What happened to the dreams you used to know
Have they grown shorter
Have you let them float away
Into a place that isn't real
Yes I missed my father
He left before I was young
But I still had my mother
She taught me the words to this song

But there you go again with that
Good for nothing tit for tat
Everyone knows where it's at

Sing your song
You can do that 'cause it's just your song
And it won't take long
Until you trip out 'cause it's just your song

Yes I see the grass grow
In single minded joy
Well we can flow how it flows
Steady on higher oh boy

But there you go again with that
God for nothing tit for tat
Everyone knows where it's at

Sing your song
You can do that 'cause it's just your song
And it won't take long
Until you make it 'cause it's just your song

We just want to sing our song to you
Seemed like a good idea at the time to do
Rolling and rocking The Almighty Get Down review
We got something and you can have some too

We're gonna sing it now
Sing our song
We're gonna sing it
Our song, to you

Steady on higher
Oh boy
Track Name: Super Friends
Ain’t it funny how we say goodbye
As if tomorrow was in our coats?
And I’ll see you later Manwell
You know I’ll do the best I can
But all keep on getting old

Ain’t nobody in the basement
Ain’t nobody on the stairs
It don’t matter where they went
You only have to call and they’ll just be there
‘Cause it’s been bad today
And they can make it all ok
Ooh yeah up up and away
An away